There is no dedicated parking place for the property, but parking is not usually a problem.

The house, 14 Church Street, is indicated in BLUE on the Google Maps screenshot of the area below. With very few exceptions we have always managed to find parking in the places indicated in GREEN (on Horn Street and Church Street).

Unless it is absolutely impossible to find a space nearby, please do not park directly outside the front door of the house. Please park in one of the areas marked in GREEN on the map below. If it is not possible to park in one of the GREEN spaces then please do park outside the house in the area marked in RED, ideally between the two stone doorsteps and as close to no. 14 as possible to allow our neighbours at no. 10 (Jane and Steve) directly opposite the front door and those living in the Old Vicarage flats and going to the Guide Hut to pass easily alongside. We would ask you to move the car to one of the spaces indicated in GREEN as soon as you are able to, so as not to upset the neighbours.


There is an electric vehicle charging point, which is available for guests use at no additional cost.

The picture above is of the David Linley Astonette chair in the master bedroom of our Cannes apartment. So named because it was inspired by the styling of David Linley's favourite Aston Martin car.

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