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However in case your looking for other things to do in and around the area, here are a few suggestions.

San Francesco del Deserto

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli



San Francesco della Vigna




Tennis Club Ca' del Moro


Monty Don did a wonderful program on the gardens (some public, some private) of Venice, which can be seen on the BBC iPlayer Though it may not be available when you read this!

The gardens he featured are as follows:

Maze on San Giorgio Maggiore

Public Garden Giardini Real

Palazzo Nani Bernardo (private?) +39 335 833 3740

Orto del Campanile Calle de le Pazienze. Producing fruit and veg which can be bought.

Fondazione Querini Stampalia Fondazione - Modern garden open to public.

Fortuny Garden (Private)

Palazzo Gradenigo (Private?)

Palazzo Soranzo Cappello (Private?)

Park at eastern end of Venice where we run (Public)

Cooperativa Sociale Laguna Fiorita ONLUS
Nursery -

Palazzo Barbarigo garden Veneto

San Francesco de la Vina Vineyard. Only six monks. Monastery of Carmelites. Orto wine

Palazzo Malipero

Regata Storica, the pinnacle of the citys Voga alla Veneta calendar of rowing events, a tradition whose roots stretch back at least to the middle of the 13th century. Things kick off with a nice bit of maritime pageantry, in the form of an opening parade in the 16th-century style, manned by gondoliers in period costume, that sails up the Grand Canal. A series of competitions follows: young rowers and womens races, a six-oared regatta, a mens gondola finale. The boat nomenclature mascareta, disdotona, caolina, pupparin will alone be enough to get some booking their flights. Its both legitimate sport and one of Venices finest expressions of pride and heritage. 4 September,

Classic Boats Venice

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